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    Importing problem

      I have had a few problems importing directly from the camera.

      With my Nikon D70, some photos became corrupted - several previews had brightly coloured streaks across the lower half and then the file would not open in Lightroom, Bridge, RawShooter or Nikon Editor.

      I have just bought a D200, and in the download of the first shoot, about 2% of the photos had an exclamation mark in the top right had corner when viewed in the library grid. When I double clicked on the exclamation mark, an error box appeared saying 'Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo'. The histogram didn't appear and despite it being a RAW file, the 2:1 view showed jpg artefacts. Upon trying to open these photos in develop mode or with Bridge, the error message seemed to indicate that something within the file indicated the end of the picture earlier than expected (though I haven't been able to reproduce this).

      This problem is making me afraid of using Lightroom to import. Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, did you find a solution other than to use windows explorer to transfer the files instead of Lightroom?

      Thanks very much,

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          As a follow-up to that, does anyone know what the horizontal row of three dots is that also appears in the top right-hand corner of each thumbnail in library grid mode? These appear in the same place as the exclamation mark on the bad downloads. Does it mean that the program is still checking the photos marked with dots, ie might an exclamation mark appear there later?

          Thanks in advance for any help,

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            And, I've just got the message again - it says 'an unexpected end-of-file occurred'. This time it was on a file that previously seemed OK. No problem indicated in library grid view - the problem only occurred when I tried to 'develop' it.

            Very worrying.

            David again.
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              I was playing around with RAW files a while ago, and found that by randomly changing a few bytes of data I would get brightly colored streaks from that point on in the picture. It turns out the Canon .CR2 files use a special lossless jpeg compression method inside the RAW file. I'm guessing Nikon's NEF does the same thing.

              Are you using the same Compact Flash card? Perhaps it has some bad locations and that is what is corrupting your images. Alternatively, it could be that your hard drive is having problems--this would especially make sense if a file that was valid before is now corrupted. It seems unlikely to me that Lightroom is the source of the problem. I'd suggest running chkdsk on your hard drive and trying an alternate Compact Flash card.
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                Thanks, Renny, for your help.

                I had the problem with two different CF cards, one of which is a brand new Sandisk Ultra II, and the other of which is a standard Sandisk probably used about five to ten times. Also, I replaced the bad files I found with the originals from the card, and this worked in each case. Also, I've just checked the hard drive partition I put photos on, and no problems were reported.

                What's worrying me is that I might not notice that a particular file has become corrupted in this way until I've re-used the CF card.

                Is there a way of checking whether a file transfer has worked properly? With RawShooter, it seemed easy - each time, I just wizzed through all photos (it was nice and quick - I could do this!) but Lightroom just isn't fast enough to do this, as it seems I have to wait for each photo to open fully in the develop module to be sure there are no problems.

                Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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                  J McWilliams Level 4
                  Create 1:1 previews on the folder (s) in question when you're doing something else outside of LR. You should be able to whiz through then. A few things you mention are consistent with LR processing in the bg, so that'll slow you down or give incompletions such as the three dots. <br /> <br /> <span style="color: rgb(102, 0, 204);">John "McPhotoman"</span> <font br="" /></font> color="#800000" size="2"&gt;~~ John McWilliams <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />MacBookPro 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo, G-5 Dual 1.8; <br />Canon DSLRs
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                    More problems today. Files that were OK yesterday are now showing the dreaded explanation mark today - rather worrying, because if there are even more tomorrow, and more the next day, when will this ever end!

                    Also, some of the exclamation marks are in triangular boxes, and others are in rectangular boxes. Presumably this difference must mean something - does anyone know what?

                    And thanks, John, for the 1:1 preview idea. Could you let me know how to do it? I've tried preferences, and that allows me to set the size of previews to, eg 1440 or 1680 pixels, but there is no 1:1 option.

                    Thanks in advance for any help, and this issue is worrying me.

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                      This may seem like overkill or a pain, but converting to DNG will probably fail if there is a problem reading the RAW file. You could possibly use this as a way to check file integrity.

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                        J McWilliams Level 4
                        It's under Library-> Render Previews, standard or 1:1.

                        As to corrupt files, I encounterd a rash of them a year ago, before I got involved with LR. There are a lot of variables, from card type and formatting thereof, card reader, OS at time of import, etc. There also are some problems with some card readers which at least one person changed to good effect.

                        The first thing I'd do is navigate to the folder in which those images live and check on file size- the good ones will be in a small range in size; the corrupt ones may be able to be identified by unusual small size.

                        Good luck!
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                          Check those files on another converting app. Did you import with the files kept in their original locations on the HD? My advice is to always do so. Have you made certain that your D200 isn't corrupting them?

                          If LR is corrupting your files somehow, then I certainly hope you have kept the original RAWs backed up--a must in my opinion no matter what apps you are using!

                          There are a lot of variables here--isolate them one at a time with a test batch of images. If you have not actually imorted the files into LR, then simply start over, and be sure you do nothing else on your machine during the import--untl the progress bar in the upper left hand corner of Library disappears. Good luck.
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                            J McWilliams Level 4
                            He imported from a CF card.
                            Why do you recommend importing by keeping in same place?
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                              The ! in a triangle means the metadata in the database and the metadata in the file or sidecar don't match. Click that badge to pick a resolution.

                              I never use Lr to download from camera. Canon's Zoombrowser has worked this long and I see no reason to switch that task. I also like having all the maker notes available.

                              If I've been working for a while in Lr, I'll see the ! in a square on some imports. If I close Lr and restart it they always clear.

                              Maybe you just need to use something else to download the files from the camera. A card reader should be all you need. Then just restart LR now and then. I keep the task manager (Win2000, XP, Vista?) in the task bar and check the memory usage now and then. On my system w/ 2GB of memory, Lr seems to get flaky as it gets up around 700MB. I'd also recommend keeping the database files defragged. If your doing a lot of work, this might need to be done every day.
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                                I kind of worked around the problem by:
                                1. Used windows explorer to re-import the files from the cards in the camera to a new folder on my computer
                                2. Again with windows explorer, deleted the bad files from the folder that LR accesses the photos from.
                                3. Copied files across from the new folder to the LR folder to replace those deleted from the LR folder.

                                This worked, and kept the metadata previously put into the xmp files associated with the offending picture files as well.

                                In future, I will use windows explorer rather than LR to transfer photos from the camera to hard drive, and see if it makes any difference. I will also make backups of the photos before importing them into LR (rather than after, as I have been doing). Pity it makes for a long winded process!

                                I may also add an file verification check as a feature request (I agree that it seems long-winded to do this by converting to DNG!).
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                                  I do not believe that the reason for the "unexpected end-of-file" message is a corrupt raw file. I think the error message text does not report the real truth.

                                  I had a folder with nef-images which all displayed properly in LR. Suddenly the problem with one single image occured in develop module. Afterwards I checked the corresponding raw file without LR. It has not been touched and is not currupt! LR has run into a problem, the raw file is ok!

                                  See my detailed descripion in another thread (sorry for starting another thread): Very strange bugs - Unexpected end-of-file - LR database problem


                                  > The ! in a triangle means the metadata in the database and the metadata in the file or sidecar don't match. Click that badge to pick a resolution.

                                  Not exactly.

                                  A ! in a RECTANGLE occurs often because of a metadata sync problem.

                                  A ! in a TRIANGLE occurs because of the "unexpected end-of-file" scenario discussed here.

                                  Obviously the TRIANGLE reports a serious problem. No resolution is suggested in the info box for this.
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                                    Thanks very much for the additional information, Martin - I hope Adobe are watching this and taking note.

                                    Incidentally, if anyone is monitoring this thread, I've had no problems since using Win Explorer to transfer the files. Therefore I very much doubt it's my D200 that caused the fine corruption, and the cards have not had a problem since, either.

                                    It's just a pity that I can't use all the functionality of LR to transfer from the card, rename and import into LR all in one go ... at least until a maintenance release deals with the problem!
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                                      I find the safest way to import files is to transfer them with a card reader to the hard disk, and then from the hard disk into LR. IMO, transferring directly from a camera should only be done as a last resort, as often takes longer and increases the chance of file corruption. Card readers are cheap insurance.

                                      If you import them directly from your camera, any OS interrupt can also cause the import to be interrupted and might corrupt the transfer. It depends on the OS, the hardware, the number of applications running concurrently, and the amount of caching your computer is doing at any one time.

                                      Another benefit to this approach is that you won't add wear and tear to the USB mini-port, not to mention the possibility of bending a pin and shorting it. It's a lot cheaper to replace a card reader than the circuitry in a camera.

                                      Hope this helps ...
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                                        The problem seems to be with using LR to do the import, rather than whether a card reader or the camera is used. The problem did not occur when using win explorer to import from the camera nor from a card reader. It only occurred when LR was used to import. It seems to be a software, not a hardware, issue.
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                                          Windows Explorer is much more integrated with your OS than third party applications. In a similar way, iPhoto has hooks into the Mac OS.

                                          With third party software, you'll get a much smoother import experience if you ingest from your HD. At least that's been my experience over the years. Best of luck ...
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                                            I once saw this message ('Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo') after having copied a directory full of files from my laptop to my main desktop machine. Both running Lightroom; the files were .nef (Nikon raw files); I'd imported them into Lightroom on the laptop, applied a bunch of ratings and crop and developing information, saved all the metadata to XMP sidecar files, then copied the whole directory to the desktop machine. Upon importing the directory on the desktop machine, I got that error. I repeated the copy and it worked fine. I then used md5sum to compare the files which had been labelled ok to the ones which had been labelled invalid -- only the .XMP files were different (the .NEF files were the same on the laptop and both copies on the desktop).

                                            I thought it was weird that Lightroom complained so much about bad XMP data that it wouldn't let me edit the underlying photos (I also thought it was weird the copy didn't work in the first place, but I'll attribute that to sunspots).
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                                              J McWilliams Level 4
                                              Is this all right now? Did you run Import xmp info under the Metadata menu?
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                                                I apologize if this message comes in at the wrong place but I haven't been able to find how to post a new thread!!

                                                anyway, if anyone is listening

                                                I just tried to import a bunch of NEF files directly from my D40x within Lightroom and well, they have become corrupted. I almost cried for the first time in years.

                                                No other program I have can open them. I did not back them up before import.

                                                CAN CORRUPTED FILES BE FIXED ?!?!?! AT ALL?!?!
                                                or am I completely out of luck

                                                thank you SOOO much for ANY response
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                                                  Are they still on your card?

                                                  If you don't have a card reader, just use windows explorer (or the equivalent on Mac if that what you have) to drag them to a folder on your hard drive. Then repeat this to a different folder, which will become your back up (which could be an external HD if you have one). Then start up LR and import them.

                                                  There's a good chance that one or two of them will still be corrupted. Don't worry at this stage - just delete them using LR, then shut it down to play safe. Go back to windows explorer, drag the offending images from your backup folder to the folder you are using LR with. Start up LR again, and re-import from this folder, ensuring only the offending images are ticked.

                                                  Further to my earlier posts, still about 1% of my files are corrupted during the process of importing to LR every time I do it, but the process in the para above rectifies this every time. Hopefully Adobe are taking this bug seriously and hopefully it will be rectified in the next edition of LR.

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                                                    Further to that, if by some chance you have reformatted the card, the most important thing to do is to not take any more pictures on it.

                                                    Some of the data may, just may, be recoverable as long as it hasn't actually been overwritten by new pictures. However, someone more knowledgeable than me about these matters than I will have to take over from here - I know there is software that can help to recover lost files, and services that do it for you, but I wouldn't know how to find them other than through the usual internet searches.

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                                                      >I apologize if this message comes in at the wrong place but I haven't been able to find how to post a new thread!!

                                                      Go to the Main Topic listing, then you can "add topic".
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                                                        J McWilliams Level 4

                                                        Pardon the interjection, but do you have an ongoing problem or is it sorted now?
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                                                          I am having this same problem, the files in my case are NOT corrupted yet I still get the "Lightroom has encountered a problem reading this file" error, If I remove all the files, and then just add back the problem files it will work?! Yet, if I try to add more files chances are those will end up giving me the above error.. I've wiped, and tried to reload my images into Lightroom 4-5 times now.. each time it's the same thing.. As of now I uninstalled it, and I am now going to try to re-install.. It's a good thing that I just downloaded the trial, as if this would be happening with a paid copy I'd be pretty ticked off... Unless I can get some sort of resolution, I won't be purchasing this product as much as I was liking how it worked when I just tried importing 1 folder of files.