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    unexpected movie performance

    adiabatic Level 1
      Why should the way a Director movie is entered change its execution?

      In the years I have used Director I have never encountered this problem.

      I have a projector where the movie
      is followed by (both in the same folder)
      by clicking on a button in the "intro" movie which has the command
      on mouseUp
      which starts the "results" movie BUT it is placing sprites on the stage at positions which WERE NOT specified in the "prepareMovie" script for "results". But if I stop the playing of "results" and then restart it by clicking on rewind and then play it places the sprites where the "prepareMovie" script specified. It almost seems that when arriving at one movie from another, the "prepareMovie" script is ignored. Yet "put" statements at the beginning and end of the "prepareMovie" indicate that it was serviced.

      So what is going on?

      Fred Tabbutt
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          > So what is going on?

          Do you have a #stopMovie handler in the first movie that resets
          anything? Do you rely on global variables that might cause what you are

          FWIW I attach code (in a beginSprite handler) to specific sprites that
          need to be "set up" prior to display instead of relying on a "global"
          movie event handler like #prepareMovie to do so.
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            adiabatic Level 1
            I am happy to report success on both fronts: moving between movies and preparing the stage. The _movie.go approach is working fine. The only glitch I had was when it would not go down to a movie in the "Chapter_2" folder but it would move up from it. Turned out that in naming "Chapter_2" folder I accidently added a space after the 2 which, of course, was invisible. When I deleted the space it worked fine. And I am confining prepareMovie scripts to parent scripts and other global variables and that works fine now too.

            Thank you Sean. I appreciate your patience.

            Fred Tabbutt