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    flex rollercoaster application

    larry_e Level 1
      Looking for overall insight on the best way to build a possible feature of my flex application. Thinking this may be done a lot easier in Flash and I have no Flash experience (only Flex).

      Need the ability to draw a rollercoaster type layout (straight track and curves only) and programmatically change the color of sections (possibly hundreds) based on information obtained from a web service. If the section is off turn the track red, if coaster cart 4 is on the section turn the track purple, on a maintenance page turn the track orange if it needs to be inspected, etc. The application has many different layouts (coasters). The only way I know of to do this in flex would be to use the drawing api to make all the curved lines I need. I think this would be a major pain, especially considering I need to make many different layouts. My ideal solution (if possible) would be to make some type of toolchest in flash in which I could drag in my different rail sections (straight, curve up right, curve down left, etc), assign them each a property, hence building the entire layout. I could then use the the Flex component kit for Flash to get the swc file into my app and have access to those properties.

      Just wondering if this sounds possible, or if I am missing something that could be a showstopper, or if there is a better solution I am not thinking of. Will Flash CS4 object based animations make this any easier?