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      Is there anything in AS to help with doing a Back/Undo function (a bit vague i know).
      I'm currently loading movieclips/xml/drawing with api at different position on the timeline. At the moment the user has a play button and plays through all of these sequentially.
      Is there any prebuilt functions / anything that would help with creating a backfunction so the user can play backwards through the movie.
      At the moment i've just been doing this by having a remove / whatever function in the frame before the fram with the load/ whatever function. But it's not a very neat way because if i add/modify code later i have to make sure I have another function to undo these changes earlier in the movie.

      Thanks for any help!
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          Not that I would know of - to rephrase it: No ;-).
          Actually I think one way to do it would be to follow a mcv-pattern, and keep model-states in an array that you can revert to, but it aint easy. I guess that is whay it took a lot of (even bigger ones) Apps quite some time to implement a decent back/undo functionality.