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    URL problem in http service call

      Hi all,
      I am new to using flex
      Im working on a application where the front end makes a post request
      to the servlet.
      I don't know how to set the URL in the httpservice call.
      In a web java project in which front end was a basic html page with a
      form to be posted to the servlet, the URL was given just as "/
      PrefetchService/PrefetchServiceServlet" which is the location of the
      servlet; but what I dont understand is the same representation for
      httpservice url in flex does not send a call to the servlet. Though
      this could be done by giving the entire URL to the location of the
      servlet, the server on which the project is run changes regularly and
      so either I need to dynamically generate the URL and then make a http
      service call (or) there should be some way to handle calls to a
      servlet in the same project . I would like to know how I could get rid
      of this problem.
      Thanks in advance....