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    Bad font quality when exporting

    Lena P
      I´m all new to Fireworks and also of course Fireworks CS4. When I export a PNG file to PDF or for that matter a JPG, I think the quality of the font is really bad. I have tried to figure out what I do wrong, if I do anything wrong! I use as test, arial as font, with this document. The font when being exported seems "broken". Have anyone else experienced this?

      I also wonder if anyone can tell how to export all pages in your PNG document to Dreamweaver (CSS and images)? All I can seem to do is export one page which also sometimes is a JPG after being exported and sometimes I get lucky and can export both slices and text....
      / Lena
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          Lena, resolution of your document makes a huge difference when printing. I'm guessing here, but are you using a resolution of 72 dpi? If so, that won't look very good when printed (that includes 'printing' to a .pdf file) A resolution that low will only look good on screen. If you must print and have it look good, you'll need to use a higher resolution.