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    Differnt points in the same time line running at same time

      Hi guys,

      I have a wierd one here and I'm really hoping someone can help because I am totally stuck. Pls bear with me as this is quite difficult to explain

      This is the background.
      My app is a quiz game, it pulls questions from an ASP page, once the questions are pulled the quiz begins.
      The main movie lasts 30 seconds and all the main movie does is pull the questions, then display the number of seconds left in the game as its timeline moves along.

      The questions and answers are all handled by a submovie.
      The submovie will display a question, the user has 10 seconds to answer. The answer is processed on an answer Frame, which is 10 seconds into the question timeline. After 10 seconds if the user hasn't answered then the answer Frame will display anyway and mark the answer as wrong. If the user selects an answer then the timeline will jump to the answer Frame, and skip the remaining number of seconds left. The answer frame is the last frame in the sub movie, after this frame the sub movie repeats and asks the next question.

      My problem is that, say for instance, the user selects an answer in the submovie after 5 seconds then the submovie jumps to the answer frame, the answer is processed and that works fine and the next question is loaded. HOWEVER after a further 5 seconds (when the question would have naturally come to the answer frame on the timeline) the same answer is re-processed. I have lots of trac() commands s in my script which suggest that this is whats happening, but I have no idea why, or how to stop it.

      In summary it seems to me that differnet points in the same time line are running at the same time. Is this possible?

      Any help is much appreciated :-)