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    How to uninstall on Mac for customUpdateUI and disable Updater.update()?

      Hi there,

      I am getting a strange behavior on the Mac and see if anyone has similar issue.

      First, I deployed a "version 1" application and installed on the machine with customeUpdateUI=true, when the app install, it will attempt to update using Updater.update() in the following manner,

      private function runUpdate(updatePath:String):Boolean {
      if (!updatePath)
      return false;
      var file:File = new File(updatePath);
      if (!file || !file.exists)
      return false;
      var updater:Updater = new Updater();
      updater.update(file, "version 2");
      return true;

      Then I repeat the step above for "version 2" and everything is working great. The update is working fine on Windows and on Mac. (This code is for demo only, I didn't hardcode the version # in the app. ;)

      The problem I have is re-install.
      On Windows, if you uninstall "version 1", then install "version 2", works great
      On a Mac, if you uninstall "version 1", then install "version 2" fails, error message for "version mismatch".

      It seems there is still something left behind on the Mac when uninstall the app, such that when I launch "version 2" install, it is still attempting to run update from the local installed app, rather than the update from the new installed .air file.

      Anyone have similar issue? How to uninstall an AIR app on the Mac? Do I just trash the App directory, or do I need to perform additional clean up?

      Besides trashing the app directory, I also tried to delete anything suggest to me is Adobe AIR related info, including,
      /User/Library/App Support/Adobe
      /Library/App Support/Adobe

      Please don't hesitate to let me know if anything I can provide to identify this issue.

      Thanks in advance.

      OS: Mac OS X and Tiger