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    Accordion Spry Widget not functioning in FF

    Level 7
      Got some great help earlier. Accordion panel should open closed by default.
      Got the answer, works in IE7, but doesn't in FF. The panels open, but the
      text overlays the closed panel titles below, and the panel doesn't open to
      its full height. If I set it back to default it works in FF. Why?


      Spry.Widget.Accordion = function(element, opts)
      this.element = this.getElement(element);
      this.defaultPanel = -1; // 0
      = default
      this.hoverClass = "AccordionPanelTabHover";
      this.openClass = "AccordionPanelOpen";
      this.closedClass = "AccordionPanelClosed";
      this.focusedClass = "AccordionFocused";
      this.enableAnimation = true;
      this.enableKeyboardNavigation = true;
      this.currentPanel = null;
      this.animator = null;
      this.hasFocus = null;

      this.previousPanelKeyCode = Spry.Widget.Accordion.KEY_UP;
      this.nextPanelKeyCode = Spry.Widget.Accordion.KEY_DOWN;

      this.useFixedPanelHeights = false; // true =
      this.fixedPanelHeight = 0;

      Showed what I changed in the above snippet.
      May have to launch this today. Any suggestions?