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    CS4 namespace issues

    cayennecode Level 1
      I'm getting strange compiler errors, that seem to be CS4 getting instance variables confused with class packages.
      - 'Call to a possibly undefined method addEventListener' on var update
      - 'Access of undefined property keyEquivalent in package update.
      - 'void used where a Boolean value was expected on bool = !bool;

      I'm guessing the first two issues are to do with the classpath's being somehow screwed up...I'm not entirely sure, if my package classpath path from CS3 is a source path, library, or external library path in CS4. The second error sounds as if my variable 'update:NativeMenuItem' is somehow being confused for an 'update' package I have.....which is odd.
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          cayennecode Level 1
          Yeah, so if I change the variable name from update to upd, it compiles properly in CS4. Is something broken with CS4 namespaces? The same .fla document worked in CS3, and I'm only importing a class within the update package. It worries me how many similar issues I may bump into with other existing projects, as I've never had the Document class reference package names, in a way that conflicts with variables using the same name.

          import update.UpdateManager;
          var update:Object = {test:'namespace conflict'};
          //1202: Access of undefined property test in package update.