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    interactive with two outputs


      I am an intermediate director programmer and an advanced designer looking for a head start on a director project that will be on two monitors next to each other. the dimension are rather large, and does not require two machines but willing to use two if need be. the director project has around 10-11 buttons that will play 6-8 different movies or static images/text across two big monitor on top of each other. the interactivity will be across the two monitors.

      Was wondering your thoughts.

      Personally was thinking of just setting the dimension rather large like 4000 by 3000 and just setting the projector to center on a pc with two monitors. if centering on two monitors does not work defining the start position of the stage. or adjusting them at run time.

      If someone with more experience would care to share some insight into correct method i would greatly appreciate it.
      Or has a link to a tutorial or similar source.

      Thank for reading my post,
      joe at hyperactive.to

      p.s director got me this job and keep this company running. adobe please don't forget that