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    ActionScript CS3 SharedObj

    fungus13 Level 1
      I thought I'd posted this before, but I can't find it. Apologies if you find the copy, but this system is cannot be that effective if it has taken a fortnight just to get this far.

      The problem again. Please refer to the attachment (if it attaches).

      I am trying to send and receive data from an external file. I do not have access to a server. I use a Macintosh, MacBook (white) with CS3. I can send and receive, but only receive when I republish the file. I haven't found a way to transfer returned values to other frames.
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          Devendran Level 1
          if you want Some fixes, Do some home work and post only the Area which cretes error for you, Unless other wise everybody will skip your forum, BCZ the content is too long to read.
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            fungus13 Level 1
            I've been told this question is too long so this is my question

            With Shared object files why can I save data input to the screen via input boxes but I can't save data generated by functions in Actionscript such as values created and stored in an Array.
            E.g. this doesn't work
            tbRScore.text = so.data.soScore;
            so.data.soScore = Score;
            But data input can be stored using
            so.data.soPassword = Password;
            tbRPassword.text = so.data.soPassword;
            (for context see above program)

            Also can you advise how I can transfer returned information to another frame.

            Also, is there another way to do this given I am using a Macintosh, MacBook with no available server.
            I hope to do this for multiple users, if possible.
            For context see the original request
            If this is not the way to present the issue, please advise if I can add attachments for view if required.

            Would this second version be sufficient for a query or would it create more confusion?

            This is my first posting. It took me a fortnight to get to this point because of various blocks in this system. As a result I have less time to resolve the issue than time taken to put it up!
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              Devendran Level 1
              This is due to Scope problem..

              You are accessing SharedObject in the First frame
              but you are creating Shared Object in the Second Frame.

              It is no matter how the data come from Shared Object (From text field or from variable)

              So create "SO" in the first frame.