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    Known issues/bugs & work-arounds list?

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      I've just gotten LR (& have installed its 1.1 update). In now reading several of the topic discussions here, it is clear that LR 1.1 still has a number of significant operational issues/bugs. Has there yet been compiled any central list of those which are already identified/known (along with details of any work-arounds that have been thus far discovered)? If not, how can one suggest that Adobe create such a list (and perhaps have a pointer to it be added to the FAQs page)? I am hoping such a list already exists, as a way to avoid having to read all previously posted topics---or (worse) learning 'the hard way' what are LR's previously known software-snafu's. I appreciate any time-saving help/suggestions in this regard.
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          Other than the Read Me that came with the 1.1 update (you DID read that, right?), no...as this is a user to user forum, other than anecdotal posting there is none externally. And likely won't be any official such list, aside from the 1.1 update read me.

          In case you missed it...
          The following are known issues in Lightroom 1.1:
          *Once Lightroom 1.1 has been installed on a Mac, the Lightroom 1.0 installer will not replace Lightroom 1.1 without further user intervention. (To install Lightroom 1.0, delete the file /Library/Receipts/Adobe\ Photoshop\ Lightroom.pkg and /Applications/Adobe Lightroom.app. Then reinstall Lightroom 1.0.)

          *Printing on Vista using the Manage by Printer color management setting may produce unsatisfactory results. It's recommended that specific printer profiles be selected for that setting.

          *Within the web module on Windows, the preview HTML display does not preview the selected rollover cell color selected. The final HTML output will present the correct color on rollover.

          *Lightroom may be unable to see or import raw files directly from attached Canon cameras on Windows XP. Please visit Canons technical support web site for information on this known driver issue or use a dedicated card reader to import files captured with Canon cameras.

          *Lightroom may experience decreased performance when virus software is monitoring Lightrooms disk or database activity.

          *Lightroom may experience decreased performance when the preference to Update XMP Automatically is turned on in the preferences.

          *Adobe applications must be updated with the Camera Raw 4.1 plug-in order to ensure compatibility with Lightroom 1.1 develop module settings. The following products will support the Camera Raw 4.1 plug-in: Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Elements 4.01 for Mac, Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Premiere Elements 3.0 for Windows

          *If the Convert to DNG command returns the error: An error occurred while converting file image.raw please check to make sure that the volume the image is located on is not locked or read-only.

          *Transparent Identity Plates are not rendered properly when web galleries are previewed in Lightroom using Internet Explorer 6.

          *The date format shown at the top of the import dialog may display English formatting in the Japanese version of Lightroom 1.1 for the Mac. Please note that the date format is set in the Format section of International settings. Date format is not linked to the current system language.(1465684)

          *It is not possible to drag and drop TIFF, PSD or PDF files onto the Graphical Identity Plate area of the Lightroom 1.1 Windows Identity Plate window. PSD and PDF Identity plates are not currently supported in Lightroom on Windows and TIFF files must be selected using the Locate command. (1467022)

          *Photoshop Lightroom User Guide Corrections

          Chapter 1, Page 79 Tone a grayscale photo. Correction of Item 3: Set the Balance slider to balance the effect between the Highlight and Shadow sliders. Positive values increase the effect of the Shadow sliders; negative values increase the effect of the Highlight sliders.

          Chapter 4, Page 30 Compare photos in the Library module. The selected icon has changed to include a cross line and more closely resembles an X.

          Chapter 4, Page 34 Set library view options for Loupe view . Show info overlay is not displayed by default

          Chapter 4, Page 37 Rotate photos in the Library module. The toolbar pop-up menu is not available in the Compare view.

          Chapter 4, Page 42 Update photos changed by another application. The behavior described in the referenced section only applies if the Lightroom preference is set to automatically write changes to XMP.

          Chapter 4, Page 47 Tips for working with stacks. The following statement is incorrect: Keyword tags applied to a collapsed stack are applied to all photos in the stack. Keyword tags applied to a collapsed stack only apply to the top photo.

          Chapter 4, Page 48 Expand and collapse stacks. The tip regarding navigation of a closed stack view is incorrect. Close stacks may not be navigated in the loupe view using the navigation arrows.

          Most of the rest of the "known issues" are covered in the thread named ** - Database upgrade issues with 1.1 - ** with regards to updating databases from 1.0 to 1.1. And many "issues" are actually either being caused by an individual's specific installation (not a "bug") or users not understanding 1.1 "behavior".

          The one area that surfaced post release is regarding the date change function which appears to be broken in 1.1. So don't use it.
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            Thank you, Jeff, for your reply. Yes, I read the READ ME; but, on starting to peruse these User-To-User Forum topics/discussions, noted that a number of issues exist for LR 1.1 which are NOT addressed in that info, and merely wondered whether (what is often done for various other software products I have used) a 'natural' community effort at creating a centrally available compilation of those sorts of useful discoveries/pointers had already been created and provided as a general user-resource someplace. Pity that hasn't yet been done someplace.
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              The problem with that approach is that no one knows what are LR issues and system issues. Also, many who solve the reported "problem" do not report back success and what they did.

              For instance, what are the issues that you noted? Would you like to start the compilation effort? It would be a big effort I expect, but volunteers are welcome.

              Many of us have very few issues. For instance, a known bug that LR seems to be addressing in a future release is the Autowrite of xmp. The work around is simple and reliable. Turn it off and manually [ctrl s or command s] activate it when you have modified the metadata of a reasonable number of photos. Say 100.

              Another problem the showed up was the addition of a .swp extension to some files. That one turned out to be a failing HD. A new one solved the problem.

              See the difficulity?

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                Yes, Mel, I recognize that creating such a list would entail hurdles (which would be of such a sufficiently technical nature that for the monitoring of the list's creation and growth-supervision, I would CERTAINTLY not be well enough versed in LR's nuances to oversee). Yet one might imagine that Adobe could afford to designate one moderately cognizant, full-time employee to be the contact/evaluative point-person responsible for judging which user-supplied submissions actually get included on such a list and which are deemed unworthy of that accolade. For instance, in this forum's discussion Topic 'When to convert to DNG' (now situated down at July 19), there is mention made by Andrew Rodney that "Yup, I've seen the bug too and Adobe know [sic!] about it. ALL my raws are DNG but LR 'thinks' a group are raws based on the metadata browser." And you, Mel, then later remark that "The Metadata browser shows the ones converted on import as RAW rather than DNG." Hence, presumably, that issue might be viewed as worthy of inclusion on such a list, yes? Perhaps someone at Adobe who occasionally reviews topics discussed in these forums--since they ARE, afer all, hosted on and pointed to from Adobe's own website--might take initiative in breaking new user-friendly ground here (and maybe even henceforth make a pointer to such a list a STANDARD item in ANY new software package's FAQs--wouldn't that be beneficial, hummm?).
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                  The one I learned (both by experiencing it myself and corroborated by many people here) is: don't use "Metadata->Edit Capture Time"; it'll give you incorrect and/or confusing results.

                  Another problem I've had, which I posted here but haven't gotten any responses to, is that for some of my images, command-s (equiv. to ctrl-s on Windows) doesn't actually write anything to the XMP file.
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                    LR 1.0 and LR1.1 both will give incorrect time (sometimes) rather that reporting the capture time contained in the exif information. It also might overwrite the correct time with the incorrect time in the DNG file. I say "might" because there seems to be some disagreement about this.

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                      I have Photoshop Elements 5.0 (previously had 3.0 and upgraded to 5.0. I still show 3.0 and 5.0 in my Add/Remove programs, and now all of a sudden my photgraphs take the icon of 3.0 and not 5.0. Is this a problem and do I need to uninstall 3.0 to correct it or is there somewhere in 5.0 that I can set the photo icon options?.... I have Window XP Home Edition with IE 7.0 installed.........
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                        Hello, Lee. The Elements forum is around the corner, at http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.eeb4f8b/