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    Yellow tint PROBLEM FW+AI+PS

      I am having a serious problem with kuler panel in FW, AI, PS and with search field in FW + AI.
      Cant see the kuler colors as they should look like, because they are covered with yellow tint (looks like 50% alpha).

      This was happening on with my old graphics (geforce 8600gt), but happens with new (radeon hd4670) one also. Latest drivers, latest updates, lates everything.. So I reinstalled windows, sp3, windows update, new drivers, clean CS4 install.. Same freakin thing. Can anyone tell what is the problem here? I am using download version cs4 design premium english.
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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
          Can you try changing the color profiles (if set) to something else and see the difference.

          The profile can be changed from Right Click on Desktop->Properties->Settings->Advanced->Color Management.
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            designme.sk Level 1
            Oh my god. It worked. I was using an .icm which came with monitor drivers (Samsung). I changed it to sRGB and all is good now.

            Guess it is time to get a real monitor :)
            Thank your for your help.


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              I am curious... did you use calibrated device to help correct color management problem in your monitor? If no, I recommend that you should consider to invest in one of those nice professional-quality calibrated device. In many case, having corrected color profile set up in your monitor, then workflow working with your project with "the right color profile" in right approach, the right way of managing color management.

              As you probably already know how important color management is, so I don't have to go into that further.

              Hope that helps.
              Cheers, DWD
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                designme.sk Level 1
                No, the bad color profile came with LCD drivers. It is a TN Samsung panel. So really bad one. I am considering buying an Eizo panel right now (like S2231W - should be OK for webdesign, what do you think?). I know how important color management is, I just didnt know the profile I had installed was damaged.

                Thanks for suggestions.