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    Sharpening Question

      My normal workflow is adjust image in ACR and then batch sharpen, resize and convert to desired profile in Photoshop. I have the old batch operations working in Lightroom by converting the Photoshop actions to droplets and putting them in the Lightroom Export Actions folder. I have also created a develop preset to disable sharpening in Lightroom. I can now mimic my old workflow and still get the advantage of all the new RAW processing features in Lightroom. My question is - is there a Lightroom equivalent to the ACR setting of "Apply sharpening to preview images only"? At present I must turn on sharpening to evaluate the image and then remember to turn it off before exporting it. Thanks.
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          "Apply sharpening to preview images only" not at present.

          Luke one question here, are you exporting these images then leaving them outside of LR, or do you re-import them or deleting them once used?

          BTW If you want to share any post processing droplets, I will happily host them at LightroomExtra. Please use the submissions page.

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            Thanks, Sid. I export outside of Lightroom for upload to my printing service or for publishing on the web. Then delete.
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              Thanks, it sounded like that was what was going on.
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                So once you've done your work on them they're not managed by LR? You just delete them?

                What if you have an image that requires retouching inside of PS? Do you discard that, too, when done?

                That's a lot of work to just throw away, isn't it?
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                  I am sooo glad I read your post. Because at least I know it can be done ... now.
                  AND, I love your solution to Sharpening ... and "now" I can see the value of "applying sharping to preveiw images only".

                  * I have not created any Action/Droplets in PS CS2 for what I want done ... but, I am curious how you Run a action to "Save to WEB" and get it into a folder that is "inside" the current folder?
                  When I do a "save for web in PS CS2" the save seems to remember the last folder you saved to ... so would that not mess up a action you are running on different folders of files?

                  *** Making this longer than it probably should be ... but, this is what I would like to do as an action ... is it possable?

                  On Export * DO you EXPORT AS A 8BIT,sRGB FILE???

                  I would like to ... run a action/droplet ... to go to PS CS2 and Run "Portrature" Plug-in on it's own layer at 40% opasity ... then Change Profile ... make a levels adjustment , sharpen ... save as jpg (for lab printing)in a New Folder "JPG" inside the current folder ... THEN go back on History before the change in color Profile and levels change .. AND change image size , sharpen .. save for WEB in a new folder "WEB" inside the current folder.

                  So, when I am done ... I have two new folders inside my current working folder with ... "JPG" my profiled JPG for Print Lab ... and "WEB" for web upload.

                  Thank you for any help you can give this "newbie" to LR and PS CS2 actions/droplets
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                    Christopher - The files I throw away are versions that are sized and profiled for specific output media. All of the routine image edits are retained with the original image. If I do specialized editing in Photoshop I will retain a PSD file Stacked under the original. Since I batch process the output versions there is very little work on my part invested in the throwaways.
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                      HG - I'm very new at this myself, but I think what you want to achieve with the action/droplet can be done with one exception. I believe you will need two actions/droplets. This is because the pull down that controls the action/droplet (as near as I can tell) allows you to specify only one file destination folder (it ignores the one in the action). So I suggest you create a Photoshop action for each version and folder and then convert them to droplets in Lightroom.

                      Regarding export as 8 bit and sRGB. No. I do conversion to 8 bit and profile changes in Photoshop as part of the action. Usually as the last steps.
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                        Luke, Thank you for your reply.

                        * Just two more questions ... please

                        1) Curious about your steps in the actions:
                        * On Saving a new Profiled jpg for Lab printer on your Export/action .. do you Export from LR as a Adobe RGB,300ppi,JPG,100% ?

                        On "my" action/droplet I would then, Run my CS2 plug in > convert to profile >(I do a levels adjustment here) > Image size change (if any) > 8bits change > then, sharpen
                        * What do you think about this flow?

                        2) This is a lame question I know ... but on your Export/action for WEB saves ... what is your steps?

                        The reason why I ask is ...
                        IF, you don't Export out of LR as a sRGB ... in your CS3 action how do you get to a WEB sRGB?

                        I would Export from LR as a Adobe RGB 300ppi (minimize imbeded Metadata),JPG,100% .. Run my normal action in CS2 ... then at the end "Save to Web".
                        * I guess what I am asking is : When running a Action/Droplet in LR does a CS2 "Save to Web" work? (trying to keep web file 800x? less than 120k , apox 70%)
                        If, not ... how do you do it?

                        *** note: I am Exporting from LR as a JPG because I want to end up with a JPG ... is this the correct way to do it?

                        Because normally I just Crl+E .. to open a PSD ... work on that (actions) ... use that file (that I don't save) ... to create a JPG for Lab Printer and a sRGB copy for the web.
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                          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
                          Which pull down are you referring to?
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                            Sean -

                            "pull down" was a poor choice of words on my part. I am refering to the menu you use to initiate an Export operation. You specify a destination folder, which overrides the save location in the Photoshop action.
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                              HG -

                              Yes, I export as AdobeRGB, 16bit TIFF, 300PPI. (AdobeRGB is my default colorspace in Photoshop). The file format I specify in export (16bit TIFF) just ensures that no data (other that conversion from ProPhotoRGB) is thrown away before the image gets to Photoshop.

                              There are any number of ways to achieve the web version of a file. I tend to do as much processing in the action as possible and to do all exports the same way regardless of the end use of the image. So my web action sharpens, resizes, converts to sRGB, and saves (using the regular "save as" command). I don't use the "Save for Web" function. The only difference in the way I do it and using "Save for Web" is that my file will retain the EXIF data and can contain the ICC profile. "Save for Web" strips all that off making the file smaller. My files are somewhat bigger (about 250k larger on a max size jpeg), but process faster.
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                                Luke, Thank you for all the tips. (sorry for all the questions)
                                It's just so cool to meet someone that is actualy doing ... what I want to do in LR.

                                I actually never converted to sRGB other than using "save to web" yet.

                                *** When you "Convert to Profile" ... which one do you use?
                                e_sRGB ??? Or do you do it another way?

                                Normally on web saves I try to keep it under 120k ... but, having some exif is useful :)

                                Thank you ... HG
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                                  SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional
                                  The folder you specify in Export is the source folder for the droplet and shouldn't affect the droplet destination folder at all.