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    HTML Help Studio?

    Tech Writer KC Level 1

      A forum search didn't return any results, so apologies if this has already been asked and answered:

      Where do I find the "HTML Help Studio"? We have a CHM that we need to decompile as we no longer have the project itself, and the instructions in RoboHelp Help indicate that this should be an option on the Tools window.

      However, I am not seeing this under Tools, nor under any other menu option.

      EDIT: We are using RoboHelp 7.

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          The instructions you report sound like they came from an older version of RH. As I do not have version 7 at my disposal, I can't tell you how exactly to get this. Hopefully someone else will chime in soon. In the meantime, check to see that you are reading the correct help and I'd try other searches, such as "decompile."

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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi there

            You may wish to locate the .CHM in Windows Explorer and right-click it. Hopefully you will see "Convert to source" as an option. If you choose that, HTML Help Studio should open.

            Cheers... Rick
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              NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1
              You can also decompile outside RoboHelp, using hh.exe which is part of Windows.

              Open a command shell and navigate to the directory containing the CHM to decompile (you may want to place a copy somewhere easy to type like C:\test).

              Give the command:
              hh -decompile scratch MyHelp.chm

              This will decompile the CHM file into a directory called scratch. The directory will be created if it does not exist, and files will be overwritten if they exist.

              What this procedure does not give you is the project file MyHelp.hhp; there are various tools which attempt to reconstruct it but none seems to be perfect.

              BTW I have RoboHelp 7.02.001 and HTML Help Studio is in View > Pods > Toolbox

              Hope this helps,

              --- Derek
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                Tech Writer KC Level 1
                Thanks, found it in the same spot NL_Derek mentioned them being!