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    Is ActionScript Dead?

      Look like Flash Catalyst creates the code in MXML. My question is ActionScript 3 going to die off? I am really good at writing applications in AS3 but seeing Flash Catalyst makes me think I should start learning MXML to write my applications.

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          Hi --

          I wonder about this too.. But I was assuming that Catalyst uses MXML to
          create the GUI and then there is still AS 3 in the background. I would
          imagine with the upcoming Flex Builder (4?) release, codenamed Gumbo, that
          Actionscript is still relevant.


          "ComeExploreCanada" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
          > Look like Flash Catalyst creates the code in MXML. My question is
          > ActionScript
          > 3 going to die off? I am really good at writing applications in AS3 but
          > seeing
          > Flash Catalyst makes me think I should start learning MXML to write my
          > applications.
          > Thanks

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            no mxml is the markup language used to define the .swf structure. think of it like this: mxml is to a .swf as x/html is to .html; actionscript is to a .swf what javascript is to .html

            as3 and its successors will be around for a long, long time.
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              So I guess it's better to understand how mxml structures as well. Or the other question I have is how AS3 integrates in a mxml structure file. Anyway, it's really exciting to see Flex framework.
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                Patrick Ashamalla
                ActionScript will not be going anywhere. MXML is simply a tag based language to accomplish common tasks that you would otherwise have to do in ActionScript. Adding an MXML tag to your document is the equivalent to creating and instance of an class in AS using the "new" keyword. Getters/Setters and public variables in AS are the same as assigning attributes in your tag.

                Knowing ActionScript is essential when you want to create advanced functionality or customized components not available out of the box. Also, know ActionScript will make you a better developer with MXML because you'll know what's going on under the hood since it all gets converted to ActionScript when you compile.

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                  A better analogy is MXML is to actionscript what ColdFusion is to Java or what asp.NET is to C++ etc. I've never been a fan of using Markup languages for programming. Markup is for data organization or presentation, not logic. When you use these languages you are at the mercy of the semantics that are built in. If you want to do something outside of what was originally intended you have to manually "wire it up". I find working in a programming or scripting language directly (especially if you reuse you own libraries) is no slower and more flexible than the "look ma no code" Markup languages. The direction Adobe is taking Flash design/development generally scares me ( as I see reflected in the comment that opens this post). All I thought was: "I guess I'm going to have to start using the code Adobe's libraries and Frameworks, because the designers I know who are afraid of the Flash IDE and code/developers will want to use this tool that relies heavily on methodologies that I wouldn't use. I wish Adobe would stop developing new tools for people who want to do interactive but don't want to learn the skills. The conserved energies could be utilized to make the help/reference files more accessible. frankly, I know flash well enough to resolve most issues that come up day to day working with designers who turn Illustrator files over to me. My workflow wasn't broken, but Adobe's going to "fix" it anyway.
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                    Victor Kimmuyu
                    <Lots of Love from Kenya(You heard me)>
                    There is so much activity in adobe labs whose backbone is flash player 10 and actionscript 3.0. So the answer is NO WAY! Again, with the birth of .xfl, and the teaming up of Acrobat .pdf and Flash .swf, designers like me will agree that digital publishing is taking a definite shape at last. Indesign users will particularly feel relieved to have an interactive design output technology whose web plugin takes a minute to download as opposed to the acrobat reader. WE ARE SPOILT FOR CHOICE!
                    Im an actionscript 2.0 geek wannabe (sad) with a 2 month non-professional experience. Would you good folks show me a roadmap to learning ActionScript?? NICE PEOPLE>
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                      Randy Miller
                      AS is not going to die off because MXML still converts everything to AS to be read by the Flash Player. AS is still used in Flex Coding (by being put in brackets). MXML just makes most coding easier but without outputting to AS then the Flash Player would be useless.

                      Also I dont want to give up on the Flash Development tool because frankly, I still use it for Vector drawing and layout. The fact that Flash also uses AS is all the better. So it just takes some wise thinkers at Adobe how to incorporate all the powerful things it is working on.

                      We will have to see how this pans out with Flash. But as for AS code I don't think that is going away since this code is what makes Flash player operate faster. If Flash player had to process a markup language instead of AS code then it would be so slow it was worthless. XML code is great but it is not processed quickly.

                      So now AS is not dead. It is the same as Java Script. It is necessary. The two codes working together is a good thing.