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    Reuse symbols between different files

    Txuma Campos Level 1
      Dear friends,

      I'm designing a big web site with too many different pages (about 150). It's no possible to add all pages in only one Fireworks file, because de performance is too slow when I open or save the file. So, I can't use de document library to reuse some elements (headers, footers, etc.).

      I would try to use de Common Library, but it's not the solution: if I do any change on a symbol, the instances in the different files doesn't changes.

      There are any way to do something like I want to do (common elements between some files).

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          Are you opening the symbol from an exiting document and making changes to it? If you do, you must save the changed symbol again back to the common library. To do that, change the symbol from any of the documents using the symbol, and then from the document library, select the symbol, and then from the options menu, select Save to Common library... You'll be asked to replace the existing symbol.

          I've found that this has worked for me quite well. I have had several documents with about 50 pages and have seen this work. By the way, I found that to speed up performance, I have broken my site down into smaller file sets - no more than 25 pages per set. You can copy stuff from file to file with no problem. The only issue with this is that you can't copy pages from one file to the next. So I have created a 'template' document that at least has the master page and several place holders with common content, such as page specific navigation that I can reuse.
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            Txuma Campos Level 1
            Thanks, mebadger. It's not exactly what I mean, but your message give me a clue. There are a way to do exactly what I want

            For example, suppose that we need to have our navigation menu separated. Make a different file with the menu, select all items and convert to symbol in de Document Library (it's no necessary save to Common Library). Select the symbol in the panel, and then from the options menu select 'Export...'. This option save a PNG file with the menu symbol.

            Now, create a new document, select 'Import...' from the Document Library options menu and choose the file that you create from Export option. The symbol appears in the panel and you can put in the layout.

            Now, open the PNG file with the menu, change anything in the symbol and save the file.

            Go back to the other file, and on Document Library options menu select Update and... here you are!!! :)

            I hope you can undestand the explanation. Sorry for my english :oops: