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    Reading the contents of a File without using the  fileref

      Hi ,
      I was trying to read the contents of a file (not upload basically) without using the fileref.upload or any servlets.
      I wanted to give this file as input(dataprovider) to a datagrid from the local instead of uploading it to the server and fetching the contents from there.
      I will explain the scenerio here:
      1.I have a text field. (Here I am providing the path of the file located).
      2.There is a Submit button .(On click should be able to take the specified file as input and read the contents of the file) which should be able to read the contents of the file path specified in step1.

      I want to basically provide the contents of this xml file as data provider to a datagrid.

      can anyone please provide some help on this issue.