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    WebHelp Search Highlighting Revisited (RH7)

    Hey,_Steve Level 1
      I like RH7's built-in search highlighting feature, particularly after applying Adobe's update to 7.02.001 (see P. Grainge's item 32 under Using RoboHelp 7, the fix/replacement for whtopic.js). However, I swear that my current project is behaving differently from my initial trial using RH7 demo (with the fix, using IE v6). Perhaps I hadn't noticed it before, but the entire phrase or sentence or paragraph (this varies) containing each found and highlighted word is displayed bolded!

      Was this intended? Has anyone else noticed this? Did I unknowingly toggle some setting or corrupt a style? It's quite distracting and my customer doesn't like it. I did verify that the whtopic.js file in the generated WebHelp files collection does contain the fix.

      I thought it might be related to whether the found word (or any other in the surrounding original text) was bolded, but this happens in paragraphs even where I have not used any bolding. I'm puzzled -- or is this a "feature"?

      Thanks as always to this helpful and responsive community!
      Steve Peterson