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    CHM Context Help Where to Start

      OK I am not a technical author and have no help file creation experience, however I need to do the following:

      Within a C/C++ Windows application provide context help whereby a right click on a control brings up the context menu item 'Help' which when selected brings up the appropriate CHM pane.

      Now I've decompiled a third-party CHM file which provides such functionality and noted that it contains some RoboHelp generated Javascript (that info brought me here) for pop up windows and so forth.

      Now my application does support context help in terms of right-clicking brings up the CHM topic (via .Topic in CHM) so I kind of hoped that I could just slot in the CHM file mentioned above and it would work. Obviously I was being too hopefull so now I am at a loss to what I need to do.


      1) If I were to use a CHM file which contained such RoboHelp generated Javascript then would I need to purchase RoboHelp in order to link with a relevant library so that I could make an API call in order for the magic to work.
      2) Is there another way of using the above CHM? HTML Help APIs?
      3) Alternatives?

      Apologies if this is the wrong place for such a question but extensive googling doesn' throw up too much.