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    Customize ProgressBar

      Hi , i'm new to flex 3 , and i need to make the progressbar to look like in the image from the link.
      there should be 4 colors , from red(25%), orange(50%),yellow(75%) to green(100%)
      there should be an gradient from up to down of each color, darker to lighter


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          injpix Level 3
          I don’t see an easy way of doing it. There are some things you can *try* to do, such as:

          -Create a subclass of ProgressBarSkin and override drawRoundRect method. And in your MXML code you would set the barSkin to this subclass.

          -Create a subclass of ProgressSkin and override createBar and/or createTrack. Then instead of using the mx namespace for the ProgressBar in your MXML code, you would use a custom namespace.

          I have tried neither methods; so I may be leading you down a dead end.