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    Show off your WebHelp!

    TheMarcus7 Level 1
      We're moving away from compiled help (.chms) and towards either WebHelp or possibly QtHelp, but I need some WebHelp samples to show off. Post your links here or email me directly at mwhisler@altera.com.

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          Hi TheMarcus7,

          My current project can be seen at http://help.zenglobal.net/.

          Hope this helps,
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            If you are using RH7 (or even a lower version) why can't you just change your 'generated' output to webhelp on some of your existing .chm files to show management. OR...if you have a version that creates WEBHELP just create a mockup. Before we purchased the 'suite', a month or so ago, I downloaded the RH7 trial (fabulous) and created a sample to post on our internal web server. The management was so impressed that they purchased the entire techsuite. So...create your own samples relevant to your company, might be more impressive and help them make a quicker decision within the context of your company/product. Just thinking out loud