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    Blog /  Content Tagging in DW?

      Is it possible to create a Blog and "content tagging/category" system within DW?
      I was just looking at the templates feature and it appears that it might support a site that was regularly updated but I can't see any way of adding categories (TAGS) to the content and consequently any way to manage such a system.

      My alternative is to create pages in DW and publish through Expression Engine, which seems to work very well but if I could do everything in one application it would make the whole process much more efficient.

      My searches for a Content Tagging system have failed to find an answer so if anyone can point out any existing references that would be much appreciated.

      Alternatively any opinions or experience regarding DW vs (DW +EE) would be much appreciated.

      The goal is to create a site that is "blog like" but since the content will use a lot of graphics and I wanted a particular "look and feel" I opted for building the site rather than using a standard blog application.
      Other specs on the site:
      There is only one contributor
      Content additions will be no more than two or three a week so I would assume this would be classed as "small volume of content"
      There is no requirement for community building
      Search: Based on other threads in this forum it appears to be straightforward to add a general search function but I would want to add a search by "tag" capability.