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    FLV -> AVM2 SWF ?

      I'm trying to convert FLVs to an AVM2 SWF.
      I know I can do this using Flash (by embedding the video file), but I'm looking for an alternative solution.

      I have tried using ffmpeg, which claims to support AVM2, but the SWF file that it creates is reported as AVM1 by Flex (when I try to type coerce it to a MovieClip it fails). I am using ffmpeg built on source-code from 2008-11-14.
      I'm doing ffmpeg -i c:/foo.flv c:/foo.swf

      1. Are there setting or flags in ffmpeg required to get AVM2 SWFs? (I have also posted this question to the ffmpeg list)
      2. Is there an alternative to using ffmpeg (preferably open source)?