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    Image upon image

      Because I want to reuse the same image multiple times in different Robohelp chapters I want to add my (personal) bullet images over my main image. I have solved this by placing a "Positioned text box" over the main image and adding the bullet image in it. This works great for Flash help output but when I try to create Printed documentation the images are not longer placed over the main image but appear as separate images at the end of the chapter.

      Is the another (better) way to place images over other images?
      Or am I doing something wrong with the Printed documentation export.
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          MergeThis Level 4
          You could work around this by making a copy of the image with the bullet on it, name it differently, and insert it in the topic below the original (or above it, it doesn't matter which).

          Then you assign the Online conditional tag to the original image, assign the Print tag to the copy, and then exclude the unwanted version from the online and print layouts.

          Good luck,
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            WiIko Level 1
            Thanks for the replies but If there are no direct solutions to this problem I think this is a bug. It does work for flash help output, so it should also work for printed documents word/pdf documents both support the needed functionality.