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    Deploying Flex in Tomcat

      I've got a Flex application that I'd like to deploy as a webpage. It works when I run it from Flex Builder, however, when I deploy it on the Tomcat server on my machine, parts of it break. The part that breaks is one of my buttons which uses HTTPService to perform a Rest Post to another web service and fill a variable with the result. It doesn't work on the deployed version and I can't figure out why.

      In order to deploy, I clicked the 'Export Release Button' and then copied everything in the release folder to my tomcat folder. I then navigate to the html page, and most of it works, just not the part using HTTPService. Do I need to copy additional files or set some security options? Thanks for any help, I'm almost done with this first application.
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          Managed to resolve the issue. The problem was with not having a crossdomain.xml which allows Flex to access and receive data from other domains. To fix the problem I simply created a crossdomain.xml (whose format can be found online easily enough) and put it in the ROOT webapp folder of my tomcat directory.