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    FXG Observations/Suggestions

    RickBullotta Level 1
      First of all, let me say how awesome it is to see the FXG capabilities added to Flex. It opens up a new class of applications and new model for creating UI elements based on vector graphics, which is common in "my world" of industrial applications.

      A few thoughts/comments:

      It would be helpful to clarify which objects will be capable of hit-testing, focus, and generation of mouse and keyboard events. Interactivity is essential to the utility of FXG. Also, requiring shapes and paths to be wrapped in a Group in order to achieve interactivity could be problematic, as it would create a potential disconnect between the designer/coder/animator workflow.

      It would be helpful to clarify methods and support for dynamic addition/removal of objects and the rendering rules associated this this type of behavior. It may also be desirable to provide methods to suppress/enable re-rendering if a large number of runtime/dynamic changes to the graphic structure need to be made, so that rendering can be

      On a related note, an FXG container element/object that allowed its contents to be serialized/deserialized at runtime would be extremely valuable for a range of applications where vector graphics can dynamically be loaded/combined at runtime, not just compile time.

      In terms of efficiency of design and compactness of description of a vector drawing, elemental shapes, lines, and such need to support styling of some type so that reusable styles can be declared and references. Additionally, it would be ideal if these "styles" were themselves addressible and modifiable at runtime. This was a very useful aspect of SVG that enabled animation to be implemented much more easily in certain use cases.

      A declarative Arc element type (or perhaps extensions to the Ellipse element type) would GREATLY simplify creation of many common types of UI components (pie wedges, circular gauge ranges, and so on).

      A very, VERY powerful attribute of text elements within SVG was the concept of the text-anchor (and autosizing), which allowed the text object to properly align itself automatically in cases where the anchor point was not the upper left corner. To implement truly centered or right aligned placement requires a-priori knowledge of the text dimensions or script-driven sizing logic that greatly complicates things. It would be a big improvement if FXG could make it possible to achieve this declaratively, as with SVG.

      Hope this is helpful, and I welcome comments and ideas.