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    Import PDF into Director for Interactive CD

    CJ KY
      I'm in the process of creating an interactive CD with Director 11. This is also the first time I've used this program. I need to be able to link interactive buttons to the PDFs that have the information I want displayed. Director doesn't have pdf as a possiblity to import. What do I need to do to get it to read those files and get my links to work? I'm also on a tight deadline - any & all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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          Level 7
          The easiest and least expensive way to do it is to use Acrobat viewer.
          You can open the PDFs in Acrobat Viewer if the client machine has that
          installed (and you can provide the installer in case it is not there).

          If you really need the PDF to be displayed within the Director
          presentation, then the best way to do it is with the Impressario xtra
          from INM. That will not require the client machine to have Acrobat
          installed, and the PDF will be available on the stage.

          If your project is PC only, then you can also use one of the various
          ActiveX controls, but that is a bit trickier to use.
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            You can also open PDFs using Director's Open command.

            We normally use the Buddy API Xtra to do this (see script below). The following sample script requires the Buddy API Xtra, the user must have Adobe Reader installed on their system. The file will open with what ever application is associated with the PDF file type on their computer. It is basically the same as double clicking on a file.

            This script also assumes that the PDF file is located in a folder at the same level as your Director movie that calls it. This can be modified to fit your particular file structure.

            When you drag this script to a sprite, the getPropertyDescriptionList behavior will prompt you to enter the folder name and the PDF file name.

            Note: if the path to the file, or the name of the file is not correct, the file will not load. Also, due to the "\" path separator used, this script is formatted for windows only. This can also be modified if needed.

            Sample script:

            property myFolder --the folder that contains the PDF
            property myPDF --the PDF to be launched

            on getPropertyDescriptionList
            description = [:]
            description.addProp(#myFolder,[#format:#string,#default:"PDF_folder",#comment:"Folder containing PDF"])
            description.addProp(#myPDF,[#format:#string,#default:"PDF_file",#comment:"PDF file to load"])
            return description

            on mouseDown me
            baOpenFile( _movie.moviePath & myFolder & "\" & myPDF, "" )