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    Blank Playback on Mouse Highlight

    Smitty9 Level 1
      First, I just started supporting Captivate this week. During training class (with an external training site), after recording Highlight of text within Wordpad, during playback you wouldn't see the highlight - screen would go blank and come back showing text highlighted. This occured on all PCs except for one. All settings were exactly the same. Instructor could not tell us why this happened.
      Come back to work, works fine for me. Two other people have the same problem. This is prior to publishing, but does happen when published as well. In edit mode, I can see the highlight. Preview of the project will blank out.
      Any ideas to try? Other searches have shown similar problems with Full Motion Recording, but I can't seem to figure out why.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Joshua

          From what you are describing, it would seem that you are seeing blank spots where you should be seeing full motion bits. Normally any clicks and drags are recorded using full motion capture. Then during playback, the full motion bits are played. In your case it sounds like there were issues with the full motion bits.

          On your work PC, I'd be double checking the Flash Player version. Just right click your Captivate during playback and it should tell you what version it is. I've seen reports here in the forums with Captivate files and the newest Flash Player. (Version 10).

          Cheers... Rick
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            Smitty9 Level 1
            That appears to have worked. I tested on the one PC that wasn't working. I uninstalled Flash Player 10, than installed/repaired version 9. (Both were showing installed)

            Playback in Preview appears to be working now, I will test on my other PCs.

            Thank you.