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    Interaction of Dropdown and Conditional text

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1
      In my project I create both CHM and PDF deliverables, and use Conditional Text to suppress CHM navigational items ("click here to ...") in the printed version.

      I want to use dropdown text to show/hide a section of text (a list of preconditions), but I want the text to be included in the PDF. So I have the sentence "For preconditions click here." where "here" is a DHTML hotspot for the dropdown text.

      But if I use conditional text to suppress this message I also lose the dropdown text in the PDF. I managed to get it working by including one character (the period) in the DHTML hotspot and excluding it from the conditional text, but this is a very inelegant solution. Is there a better way to do it?

      I have RoboHelp 7.02.001.

      --- Derek