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    Text Rendering Disappointment & Problems

      I've really been looking forward to the new version. I can't believe something so important is so out of whack.

      The new text engine, while falls inline with Photoshop and the like in essence, is A missing lots of core features, B renders any document text not originally made in CS4 terribly, often ruining entire designs and C is a complete red herring anyway! Why bring the text engine inline with programs primarily design for print when Fireworks has taken the digital route?

      Why haven't even the very basic CSS styles been included? What I wouldn't give for a dotted underline that doesn't have to be tediously drawn. Or small caps? Or so much more. Such a missed opportunity and a real let down. The new engine has also changed the way letter spacing/kerning works. So all values created before in CS3 are completely wrong. Not by a little bit but hugely. If I'd set my letter spacing to -2 in CS3 when it's updated in CS4 it ignores it then spaces back out the text. To get the same effect I have to use -50!(?) Obviously this gives more fine control, now it's using a percentage print engine. But how does that help us for doing digital work? -2px in that box doesn't work either. It's totally ridiculous.

      For wanting to move fireworks on even more towards web, ui and digital. By moving to photoshops PRINT orientated text rendering engine you've made the text feature that was basic and not very helpful in CS3 worse in CS4?

      Content and type are a huge element for the majority of designs and can be a deal breaker for us with clients. So now it's become a deal breaker of using CS4 for me. You could at least give us the option for half of these things rather than forcing it one way, which in my opinion is broken for what fireworks is supposed to do.

      Not to mention the stability issues.

      What is Adobe doing about this? Is there going to be a patch? Does anyone at Adobe actually realise how important it is? It doesn't feel like when I've spent years working in fireworks for digital, that all those designs to be taken into cs4 are ruined because the text engines been changed to be more similar their print applications.

      I'm so disappointed as I've always been such an advocate of fireworks.