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    Problems with quizzing

      This is probably a really dumb question, but I'm not finding Captivate quizzing very intuitive.

      I'm trying to make a question slide with a diagram and 4 blanks where users can enter labels for different bits. I got as far as using a fill-in-the-blanks question to create the input boxes, but it creates various other things too. (What's with the "Fill in the blank text area" which I can't seem to delete?) I haven't worked out any way to give intelligent feedback at all.

      I just want a very simple slide with 4 input boxes and a submit button. The next slide should then display the student's answers, whether they were correct, and the correct answers. Is this possible, and what is the best way of doing it?

      Many thanks!
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          CatBandit Level 3
          You can use standard TEBs (text-entry-boxes) to gather the users' input, and score it if his entries match the definition of a "correct" answer as defined by you, the developer. But really is no "built-in" way to capture those answers as variables, for later display (or other manipulation).

          But your reference to Question slides leads me to believe that you think you should be able to alter the make-up of the question-slide itself ... and it can't be done. You might want to make a Request for that ability as a new feature at this link

          I think if you select from the wide array of possible Question Slide formats (True-False, Multiple Choice, etc.) and use them as intended and designed, you will find the quizzing to be very intuitive, but if you try to make the program work as you want, instead of as designed, you are in for frustration. In any case, good luck.