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    Lost my project on my hard drive

      Somehow I have lost one of my WebHelp projects on my hard drive. Must have been a copying mistake. No big deal because I have it backed up on the network... right? Not so - or at least the way I'm doing it is not working. I'm simply copying the entire project from the network drive to my hard drive by doing a "copy and paste" in MS Explorer. For some reason, not all of my topics are showing up. Some show up and some don't. Can't figure it out. I've copied and pasted several times with the same result. I can see the topic on my hard drive in Explorer but when I open the project in RoboHelp, the topic is not in the folder that it's supposed to be in (on the Project Tab), nor is it on the "Topics" page. Any help? Thanks. Lisa in Roswell
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Lisa

          Sorry to hear of your problems. Bummer

          Are we safe in assuming that you have a duplicate copy of the project on the LAN? If so, are you certain these are actual project files and not WebHelp output files?

          Assuming it is actually the project, when was the last time you made a backup copy? Is it possible that you actually had this arrangement of topic locations at the time you made the backup and later changed things? This is my educated guess as to what has happened.

          If the topic simply isn't in the project, it's pretty easy to resolve that. Just right click the folder where it's supposed to be and import it!

          Cheers... Rick