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    Something Went Wrong Trying to install...

      I haven't every been able to get AIR to work on my laptop since it was called Apollo, but I got a bunch of cool links to stuff at MAX that I wanted to try out, so I uninstalled the AIR Runtime I had, rebooted, installed AIR 1.5, and now all attempts to install AIR applications com back with the dreaded "Something Went Wrong Trying to install this application." error.

      I'm running Vista Home Premium, and I did run into a problem where the HKLM/Software/Classes/.air keys were locked, and after wrestling with the Registry permissions, I managed to clean that up, so the installer now seems to be creating and deleting those keys properly. However, I'm still getting this "Something Went Wrong" error.

      I've created .airappinstall.log and .airinstall.log files in my home directory, but the .airappinstall.log file remains empty. The .airinstall.log file shows a successful install of the AIR runtime.

      I've got several .air files that I've downloaded and saved to my computer, and these seem to suffer the same problems as if I were using the "Badge" installations online.

      If I uninstall the AIR application, and then use a Badge install to install both the application and the runtime, both successfully install. However, any subsequent application installs fail with the same "Something went wrong" message.