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    How do I add leading zero(s) to exported files' names?

      I'm using Lightroom 1.4 on an iMac, with OS X 10.4. When I export a batch of photos, they get numbered automatically. For example, if they're pictures of my dog, I'll specify "Dog" as the name to be used and 1 as the starting number. Lightroom will then export them as "Dog-1.tif" and "Dog-2.tif" and so on.

      The problem is that when I then load these files into another application, it thinks that "Dog -1.tif" should be followed by "Dog-11.tif," then "Dog-12.tif," and so on to "Dog-19.tif" and then "Dog-2.tif," "Dog-20.tif," "Dog-21.tif," etc.

      One solution to this would be to have them numbered as 01, 02, 03. . . 09, 10, 11, etc. Rather than add those leading zeros to the file names manually, I'd like to have Lightroom put them in when it exports the files, but I can't figure out how to do that. I've tried entering 01 as the starting number in the "Export" dialogue box, but that doesn't do the trick.

      Can anybody tell me how to get Lightroom to add a leading zero (or zeros, when I export more than 99 files at a time) to the file names?