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    FDS and EJB3

      Hello Folks,

      I have a couple of issues I am trying to resolve relating to FDS and EJB3.

      First, a question: Is it possible to deploy EJB3 session beans/JPA entity beans inside the flex.war into a JBoss implentation? Currently I am having to deploy two .jars (one into JBoss /deploy and the other into the flex.war/WEB-INF/lib) in order for FDS or RO communication to talk to EJB. This is resulting in a facade (on the flex side) using a remote interface request to the session beans deployed to JBoss. It would be much better if I could simply access the EJBs directly from inside of a single deployment (using the local interface) inside of the flex.war.

      Second: this is related to the first... as the EJB container and the flex.war web app are separated is it possible to get a reference to the MessageBroker from the EJB container? This may just be my inexperience with J2EE showing, but I get a null reference to the MessageBroker from inside of an EJB component. For instance when an EJB timer service goes off I would like to push a FDS message to a flex client.

      Any help is appreciated!
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          jrunrandy Adobe Employee
          It's been a long time since I did this, but I'll give this a try...

          I've never heard of deployong an EJB inside of a WAR. You might try making an EAR that has both the Flex WAR and the EJB's JAR files.

          The only other thing I can think of is to try using an ejb-ref in the flex WAR's web.xml. Something like:

          <description>Define reference for simple stateless session bean</description>

          although you may need to make corresponding specifications on the JBoss side. Also, this is for a remote EJB, you'd use an ejb-local-ref instead of an ejb-ref.