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    Breaking up data in a remote object

    spacehog Level 1
      Currently I have a chart that gets its data using a remote object connection. The chart currently shows a months worth of data. Now I need to break that monthly data into weekly data. The customer would rather have the data spread acroos four weekly charts instead of just one monthly chart. The customer would then just click click a 'Next' or 'Previous' button to cycle through the charts.

      I know that I just change the function (CFC) that calls for the data to only return a weeks worth of data, but I don't want to make a separate data call every time the user clicks 'Next' or 'Previous'

      Is there a way to grab the whole month's data set and then divide it into weekly data sets within the app?
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          spacehog Level 1
          Okay I figured this one out. If I add a hSlider with two thumbs I can set the thumbs with just a couple of functions. Basically when the user clicks either button a function is called that passes in a predetermined value of how many tick marks to move.

          The HSlider has a property called 'values' that holds the positions of all the thumbs. Using some simple functions they can easily be manipulated.

          Setting the slider's visible property to 'false' will keep the navigation focused on just the buttons.