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    No Internet Connection Detected

      Hi all

      I have just upgraded to Web Premium CS4 and have come across a new problem.

      I first noticed it when trying to use the built in Kuler feature and then find that it complained with a "No Internet Connection Detected" error.

      I then (after a quick read of the help) found the Connections panel and added my Adobe ID details, then clicked the Login button; however it then complained that "The authentication server is unavailable". I am assuming that I am receiving these problems because I'm behind a network proxy which requires a user name and password.

      This was never a problem in the past with the Adobe Updater and other products as there was an option to input proxy settings/user+password; but in the CS4 product line this appears to have been removed.

      Is there a works around to this problem? If not could Adobe resurrect the Internet Connection Settings options to CS4 as quite a large number of users out there work behind corporate proxies.