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    FLV shows in MacOS browser, not Windows

      I have a site in DW CS3 and pages that were converted from asp, but are now PHP.
      While embedding an FLV video using DW-CS3, files seem to save fine, and upload OK...
      But-the video does not display, nor do the controls (halo skin, etc)..in a Windows browser MSIE7, nor firefox 3.
      In a Mac OSX 10.5.x, safari browser, the page seems to be fine.
      Any help is welcome.
      Test page is here:

      Are there versions of these scripts that work differently than other versions?

      Thanks so much.
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          rickvv1 Level 1
          I replaced the scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js file from a different DW CS3 site folder, uploaded it to the problem site...and the flv file ran the way it's supposed to.
          So I'm thinking that the 'js' file was somehow corrupt (probably during the site conversion...).
          But why would a Mac Browser play the vid, and windows wouldn't?
          That may be the mystery unsolved.