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    Spry Tabbed Panels - Start with no default tab??

      Hi all,

      Is there any way that I can have a spry tabbed panels widget and NOT have any tabs open when the page loads? I want to put multiple tabbed panel widgets on one page for an artist's discography

      - tab 1 - tab 2 - tab 3 - etc. etc.

      - tab 1 - tab 2 - tab 3 - etc. etc.

      - tab 1 - tab 2 - tab 3 - etc. etc.

      I just want the page to look clean and compact - I don't want any default tab to display. Is this possible? I looked on the Adobe customization help for the widget but I can't seem to find an answer. I managed to achieve this by deleting the (this.defaultTab); part of this line in the .js file:
      if (this.defaultTab)
      this.defaultTab = this.getElement(this.defaultTab);

      But when I did this, if I created multiple widgets, the second widget and so on's tabs would not work properly, for some odd reason. I'm kind of a newbie so I apologize for not making much sense.
      Thanks in advance.