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    Updates to Kuler website

    PMM Adobe Employee
      Kuler community,

      We’ve made some exciting updates to the site today. We’ve added a few new features and re-architected the site. The first difference you probably noticed is our new website loader. We slightly extended the initial load time so that we can provide you with a faster experience on the site overall.

      Here are highlights of some of the new updates to the site…

      New features:
      - Share a Kuler URL: You can now easily copy and paste a URL to a given theme right from your browser address bar. And even kooler, you can share all of the themes you have created by clicking on your avatar and copying the associated URL.
      - Save-As: You can now save a copy of your own theme without overriding the original. Just give it a new name and hit save.
      - Better theme protection: Editing another person’s theme now requires tangible changes (i.e. edit at least 3 colors) before you can save it publicly. (Saving as private is always permitted.)

      - We’ve tweaked the ratings to now provide a more accurate reflection of the vote average, while still taking the number of votes into account. Some themes may have moved up or down in the Highest rated list based on these changes.
      - Increased performance in major areas of the website

      As we rolled the updates out, there were some hiccups and the site was down for some time today. Thank you for your patience. Please keep us posted on any issues you may experience. And, let us know what you think!

      The Kuler Team

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          Hi, Since Kuler has been updated I constantly get a message saying "Your connection time has expired. Please try again." Not only this message, sometimes the site doesn't load at all. I'm not shure the problem lays with your site or the network-settings of our company. I guess we have a strongly secured network in here so... But It's remarkable that the problem didn't exist before your update.

          Kind regards
          Raf Vorsselmans

          PS: I only send this message because I really love Kuler and want it back! ;-)
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            I get the same Issue as raf.vorsselmans since the update, I'm in the UK using a fairly fast DSL connection - I never usually have any latency/timeout issues with other sites.
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              Sorry guys, but Kuler is not only behaving strangely, it's also buggy.

              Bugs I found:

              1. Clicking "Sign in", it had pre-populated the username field with my email address...which obviously didn't work when I hit "Go". (And the second time I went to log in with my usual username/password, it failed. Hmm)

              2. The list of "highest rated" is now populated with every top-rated color theme since the dawn of man (instead of from just the last month). I'm not sure whose idea this was, but in my opinion it has now lost its purpose. The point is to highlight top-rated RECENT themes that deserve attention, no? (Otherwise make a separate tab for top-rated themes from past months/archived.)

              3. The typeface in use in the theme keywords and comment fields is now more difficult to read, and the comments are being improperly squeezed to 2/3 the width of the comment field space. Also, the sentence height looks squashed in both.

              4. Lastly, I had to create a ridiculous Kuler Forum Nickname here (temporarily) because it wouldn't let me post using my normal username--saying that it had "already been taken". Well, duh--it's ME, and I'm logged in so it should know! (Interestingly, even gibberish names were being rejected--I think there's a bug somewhere in there.)

              Glad to see that the tabbing between fields in the "Create new theme" section was fixed.

              Kuler is (was?) a great tool, but I'm seeing some loss of focus here.

              My 2 cents.

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                ixwa Level 1
                Oh boy, sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, fellas, but Kuler is now also hanging/thinking longer than I remember...short of giving me the awful "Your connection was lost" message.

                Say, can we revert to version 1.0? :\
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                  Kuler team,

                  seems the folks in the community are all having equal troubles all over the world.
                  I'm in Germany. Trying to get kuler running. Nothing works.
                  And as a kuler addict this is very annoying. How do I get my daily shot now?

                  1) Can't log in at all (could log in to this forum though, so my ID and password are correct).
                  2) Therefore can't quote, can't create. Can't even look at the published stuff properly anymore.
                  3) My time's expired in a blink of an eye, no matter which computer resp. connection due to different offices I use.
                  4) Nicknames? My God, I got a user ID. Or should I try my nickname now to get my kuler connection?

                  I'm afraid we need help. Desperately!
                  Thx in advance.

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                    Only for your note, here in Brazil I have the same troubles that everyone had.
                    Best regards

                    Kleber Gargitter
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                      J. Miller Adam
                      I spent a lot of time getting Kuler Desktop/Air installed on multiple OSX 10.4.11 machines in my lab on a multiple-T1 school-wide network and NONE of them can connect to the website consistently. Lately, the site will not load. Everything else on the net works fine, so it's not on our end.
                      I've been trying to show this terrific tool to my students for a week now and it just gets more frustrating.
                      There's nothing else as good as Kuler I have found in any widgets or other programs – can you all make it WORK?
                      Wasting time & hoping for better,
                      The Colorado Springs School

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                        Way to beta.
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                          ixwa Level 1
                          ...and to add insult to injury, I just logged on and the "My Kuler" section is empty. I have over 250 themes, so I'm led to wonder where on earth they went to.

                          I ended up trying to search for them, and sure enough I found them, listed with what looks to be my username, yet entirely unavailable under "My Kuler".

                          Note: I had just updated my Adobe Forums nickname, as well as the email address on my account, but this shouldn't change anything related to my Kuler themes (Kuler uses my Adobe username, which is my first name and should not have affected anything).

                          Oh dear oh dear. Alas, Kuler, I knew ye well.
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                            carlexico Level 1
                            It's working! Very kul.
                            Thank you very mucho.
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                              PMM Adobe Employee
                              We've experienced some latent issues with the website after the updates were made, and we really apologize.

                              The time-out issues you're experiencing are related to the problems on our end. The same issues apply to your connections to the Kuler website via the panel and the Kuler Desktop.

                              We know that you rely on Kuler to be up and running, and we're working around the clock to get the site running smoothly again. Thanks for your patience, and for continuing to support Kuler.

                              The Kuler Team
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                                PMM Adobe Employee
                                Hi Kuler community,

                                Update: After experiencing back-end issues on our side following our implementation of the new updates to the website, we've made the call to revert to the old site until we have all of the issues resolved. We took painstaking steps to make sure the rollout went smoothly, but we were hit by some unexpected latent hiccups, and we are very sorry for the downtime.

                                We're excited about the new updates and we'll continue the testing on our end so the next rollout is smoother.

                                Thank you again for your patience and support. We really appreciate your continued commitment to Kuler.


                                The Kuler Team
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                                  ixwa Level 1
                                  I see that the site has been reverted...but I'm still not seeing any of my themes in "My Kuler" or favorites.

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                                    article man Level 1
                                    I think the website needs a bit of a refurbish.
                                    it isnt giving a pleasant experience,im using T1.
                                    but surely you guys will figure out a way to improve it.
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                                      Kuler is using my adobe ID as my screen name.

                                      I think it would be best if you fixed this. Many thanks.
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                                        ixwa Level 1
                                        OK, I have NO IDEA what is going on now.

                                        1. I can't log into Kuler--it seems to switch from wanting my Adobe ID, to my Kuler name, to my Adobe email address. Which is it??

                                        2. It seems that I now have TWO accounts on Kuler, both with the same name (emlyn): The original one with all my themes/favorites (inaccessible) and some new one with a new theme I created yesterday. How do I fix this??

                                        Clearly, some stuff got munged in the update/reversion, and I'm just praying it doesn't end up trashing all my work.

                                        Kuler Team: Please advise!
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                                          PMM Adobe Employee
                                          Hi ixwa,

                                          We're sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue. Can you please provide a few more details? We need your Adobe ID (this is an email address), and your Kuler screen name? Please let us know and we can investigate this issue further.

                                          Please send the info via Private Message.

                                          The Kuler Team
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                                            RaymieHumbert Level 1
                                            A lot of stuff is coming up as Copy of _____ and Copy of ______.

                                            Name reversion may be needed.
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                                              ixwa Level 1
                                              [deleted--got a private message tx]