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    Recording Voice Problems


      I'm using captivate for one of my class, and I'm trying to record my voice at the same time I'm recording the screen. The problem that I'm having it seem like captivate keep blocking my microphone. I actually checked my microphone using soundbooth and audition and I dont have any problem recording my voice, but something is really wrong with my captivate I just can't record my voice.
      It is my sound card or something wrong with my captivate program?? any help please


      thanks guys!
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          webbo1968 Level 1
          To be honest the easiest way is to first record your screens, and correct all errors etc. Then record your voice whilst playing through the content you have recorded. You can record audio slide by slide or by playing th ehwole project through.

          This minimises the need to restart recording your audio if you make errors in the screen recording.

          It is the simplest way. You can also delete individual audio slides and re-record just the audio for that slide, which also helps later on down the line should you add further slides to the project, rather than having to edit one large audio file, you simply insert the new slides and record the audio.