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    States are about to drive me insane.

    jcbluesman Level 1
      I'm going to go insane at any moment if I can't figure this out.

      I've got a new prototype I'm creating and I've added some buttons from the Common Library (specifically, Flex components). I want to add simple rollover behavior so that in the normal state the button looks just like the default style I first get when I add it to the canvas. But I also want an over state so when I hover over it it changes color. Then I want to add a hot spot to them so they go to the proper page.

      So the button has states, the master page I'm adding them to has it's own states, and each of the pages in the site have states and I can't get them to work together. And to make matters worse, when I Preview in Browser, I get "No file exists at the address “/private/var/folders/Qj/Qj1ljUOg2RWfRU+1YubsmU+++TI/Cleanup At Startup/1261638629/preferences.html” when I click on the buttons (the prefs button, in particular). But I know how to create a hotspot and specify a link to the correct page and it still doesn't work. I've got a hotspot over that button and the link is set to preference.html. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do.

      I'm focusing on just one of the buttons now, and I edited the instance of the button and created a 2nd state. Even after that it wouldn't work until I added 2nd states to each of the pages. What's that about?

      This isn't making sense and after searching Lynda.com, AdobeTV, and the online documentation, I can't find clear explanations of how these things are supposed to work. The only info about states in the documentation refers to animation and I'm not doing animation - I'm just trying to make simple buttons work. The training videos just talk about dragging things from the Common Library to your canvas. I get that but I need the details. And what about the Symbol Properties panel? When a symbol is selected, I can choose Up, Over, etc states from a dropdown menu, but does that mean I'm setting the default state or can I select Up, set those properties, then select Over, set those properties, and so on? Apparently not, but I'm not sure.

      Please, somebody point me to something that can give me a clear explanation about how to tame these things. I know it can't be that hard. I'd be forever grateful.