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    syntax question

      hello --

      i'm wondering if their is a way to compress this code for more efficiency. stepping up to AS3 soon!

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          Rothrock Level 5
          I probably wouldn't do it as a function, but rather...well there are probably a lot of things I would do differently there. But here is most likely what I would do.

          for(var i=1;i<=6;i++){
          var curItem:MovieClip=this["rack"+i]
          curItem.attachMovie("spreadOver","spreadOver",10,{_x:(i-1)*34,_y:-2,_height:2,_width:30,_v isible:false});

          function rackOver(){
          function rackOut(){

          Also if you do need to have the multiple if type of stuff, then I would use a switch statement:

          switch (item){
          case "rack1":
          // do something;
          case "rack2:
          // do something else;
          // and so on.
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            velocity-vector Level 1
            cool. thanks so much! as always, more than one way to skin a cat.
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              velocity-vector Level 1
              are there any performance issues when you attach and remove an mc versus attaching an mc, hiding it then showing it after the event?

              thanks > mark
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                Rothrock Level 5
                You know I don't know. If there are children clips inside of an attached movie their properties, events, etc won't be available until one frame has advanced.

                Also in your example there would be a lot of code that needed to execute each time it was attached to place it. So I thought that was a bit "messy" and complex. I imagine there is a little memory overhead for having all six attached all the time. If these are little buttons or some such it probably isn't important. If these are giant 800 x 600 bitmaps that might be an issue. So ir really depends upon what you are doing!

                Generally I don't like to attach and remove a lot of clips. But it all depends upon what is in your clips and what you are trying to do.