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    CF OCR

      I have a project where I need to provide an XML document with an encoded image when an URL request is sent. This is no problem, but I'm looking to enhance the application somewhat.

      The project calls for little user input, so I'd like to use a scanner and scan all the documents to a specific directory, then have CF OCR them to determine what the first 10 numbers in the document are, so I can determine which file is which.

      We can employ a fancier scanning interface that will OCR for us, but there are existing docs to deal with, and if I can do it all without changing how the user is currently scanning, I get bonus points with the owner's daughter.

      I'm okay with CFExecuting regularly to grab new docs and OCR them via command-line, but I haven't even found a good tool for that.

      Anyone dealt with a similar project and can shed light?