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    IExplorer v FireFox KeyboardEvent

      Flash Plugin 10 reacts differently in IExplorer than in FireFox. When I press ctrl and 1 to 9 in FireFox, I get the 1 to 9's codes in keyCode every time but in IExplorer7 I only get 17 (that of ctrl) so basically my assumption to always be able to use ctrl 1 to 9 for my app shortcuts falls away in IExplorer. Strangely enough it works when I also press shift at the same time. Any clues ?
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          -Hob Level 1
          This has been an very frustrating problem for flash/flex developers. What you're running into is a problem with the Flash Player ActiveX plugin. It's not trapping keyboard events and properly stopping their propagation.

          Any shortcuts that Internet Explorer uses for its own purposes cannot be trapped and used in Flex. Ctrl + 1-9 are used by IE, thus you can't use them. The most common work-around for these problems is to listen for the key-up event instead of key-down, as you will get notified properly of those events.

          This workaround falls down, however, when the keyboard combination in IE triggers the creation of some kind of new window. For instance, you can never listen for ctrl + b because that's IE's shortcut for "Manage bookmarks." When the keydown event fires, the manage bookmarks window pops up, and thus by the time you've released the key, flex no longer has focus and you don't get notified of either the key down or key up events. It's all very frustrating.

          Hope that helps.