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    Font issues

      I'm trying out Presenter with Powerpoint 2007 and I'm really impressed with the product but for the fact that the fonts (arial) and letter spacing come out so-so when published. Spaces between letters or words sometimes disappear and make it look unprofessional. Is there anything I can do (or a font that does not have these issues) to ensure that the published presenter presentation looks as good as the powerpoint one?
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          Had the same problem. If you uses danish chars like 'æ' 'ø' and 'å' the letter spacing is completly wrong. The solution is to save your PowerPoint in the old ppt format before you export using Presenter. Then the font kerning will be ok.

          There still seems to be some bugs when you use the new pptx Powerpoint format, i sure hope Adobe is working on some fixes for that.