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    XML Encoding & Decoding CDATA Text Using LrXml

      I can not yet build a proper xml document for my plugin because LrXml is encoding all my text, and what I want is to have some of my text protected within a CDATA block. For example:

      ]<  is encoded as &lt; (note: '>' is not encoded)

      It does this even when '<' is part of CDATA start block sequence. Also, all '<' within my CDATA block are also encoded. '<' is just one example. Examples of what would solve the problem are:

      >builderInstance:text( value, wrapInCDATA ) -- to wrap value unencoded.
      >builderInstance:rawText( value ) -- in case already wrapped.

      Is there something I'm missing?, workaround??, LrXml fix???...