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    Debugging tips for web gallery?

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      Question re debugging techniques in the LR environment: I've installed the Shadowbox gallery from the Turning Gate (http://theturninggate.net/lightroom/ttg-shadowbox-gallery/). I used to use version 2.6 of it which works fine with LR 2.0. With the 2.7 and 2.8 releases of the gallery, when I choose that gallery, the web preview renders all of the elements on the page except for the thumbnails and then hangs. CPU and disk are idle and LR will not respond. The only way out is to kill LR.

      I did some experimentation to figure out what changed between 2.6 and 2.7 and found that Matthew upgraded the mootools version between the two releases from 1.11 to 1.2.0. If I comment out the include of 1.2.0 from the 2.8 gallery, it then renders the thumbnails as well. Of course, this isn't viable long-term since there are pieces of the gallery that make use of mootools.

      - what can I do to figure out what it is about mootools that is making LR2 hang?
      - Am I right that Opera is the embedded browser? If so, I can install that and test it external to LR.
      - Is there any way (special keystroke or some such) to get LR's attention again? I'd think that LR would not surrender all UI control to a 3rd party in case something like this happens.

      (I'm on WinXP Pro w/ SP3. Two machines: 1 is a Core2Duo w/ 2GB, the other a P4 w/ 4GB.)